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Link Swap: An effective SEO tool October 13, 2008

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A Link Exchange, Swap or Trade is a search engine optimization (SEO) practice, which emphasises on exchanging links with other websites. Email another website owner and ask for a link exchange is probably the easiest way of doing it. Place their link on your site, typically on a links page, and in return will the other site places a link back to you. 

Link popularity is one of the most important factors that determine a high search engine ranking. Search engine optimization experts will agree that finding the right link exchange partners will unquestionably improve a website’s popularity rating. This in turn, improves your search engine ranking, increases traffic and boosts the ROI (return on investment). Outsource SEO to a reputed overseas web marketing company that has specialized in SEO for nearly a decade. 

Why use a Link Swap? 

A link swap is a mutually beneficial SEO tool for the reason that instead of one website buying a link or another selling one, they both exchange links for their websites. There are three benefits of this – better search engine rank, higher traffic volumes, and an increased potential for sales. If the links are easily visible, both websites stand to gain from increased traffic in either one. Since there is no monetary risk involved, link swaps are as expensive as sending the email is! As any expert will tell you, external and internal links are essential to SEO, making link swaps all the more important. 

Is a Link Swap unsafe? 

Link Swaps has the potential to be very risky. It is not wise to randomly trade links, and here are some points to keep in mind. Exchange links only with targeted websites and avoid sites that bear no relation to yours. Black listed sites are best avoided as you may find your site caught in a black hat undertow. Do not link to or add links from link farms; these are spam sites which can wreck havoc on a marketing campaign. It is never wise to jeopardize an investment over a few places on the rankings by switching to a black hat SEO practice. An experienced SEO company can help you sort through the multitude of links and narrow down the ones that are safe and relevant for a secure link exchange.


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